Made in Canada

On Saturday, January 25th we gathered at Artillery Park Aquatic and Fitness Center for our first Bring Your Thing event! Attendees brought objects that relate to the theme “Made in Canada”. From homemade items to found objects to one-of-a-kind mementos, the artifacts unfolded stories about Kingston’s heritage.

“This Canadian flag was first flown at KCVI on February 15, 1965, at 12 pm, the same time as the new flag was first flown in Ottawa. The flag was created by Kay Shand, the Home Economics teacher ” – Joanne Whitfield


A great quilt on display from the Kingston Heirloom Quilters, an organization committed to excellence in the craft of heirloom quilting.


A snapshot of one of our activities. Place a pennie in the jar of the item you think was not made in Canada.


Yes, the walkie talkie is one of the many inventions that were Made in Canada, perfectly inline with our theme.