Soldiers, Sailors & Jailors

On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Bring Your Thing hosted its “Soldiers, Sailors & Jailors” event at The Portsmouth Tavern. Everyone was invited to not only to bring an item that fit with the theme, but to participate in a rousing game of trivia. Soldiers, Sailors & Jailors celebrates Kingston’s rich marine, military, and correctional histories. Bring Your Thing also was happy to display artifacts from various local museums, including Canada’s Penitentiary Museum, Murney Tower NHS, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes of Kingston and The Royal Military College Museum.


Here is a leger for the Portsmouth Tavern from 1934, it was brought in by the grand daughter of the Portsmouth Tavern’s original owner.


Here we have a lifeboat sexton from 1941, a Queen Mary Cigarette box from World War One, an RPC button, and a Morphine Syringe case from the Boer War. All items were brought by one of our attendees.


Here is a great display from Canada’s Pennitentary museum, hundres of years of corrections history on one table!


Brought by the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, we have an Olympic Yachting board game from the 1976 Montreal Olympics. The game board is Kingston’s Harbour on Lake Ontario.


Here is a bell from the Kingston Pennitentary. It was brought by a man who was born in the prison while his family was living and working there.