That Belongs in a Museum

June 9th, 2017 Bring Your Thing was thrilled to bring our event to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston. Our event was titled “That Belongs in a Museum” and inspired youth to display items that, not only had special meaning to them, but they believe belong in a museum. The event also had two guest speakers, Alex McLean from Fort Henry NHS and Dave McCarey from the Military Electronics and Communications Museumwho shared their knowledge on artifacts and museum collections. Overall, Lots of great items were shared, not only giving us a better understanding of artifacts but how they are important and relate to our lives.


Here we have two of our participants wearing their frames, maybe as a way to show that they are museum worthy.


One student placed his hearing aid in the frame. He believed it represented great scientific and medical advancements and deserves to be in a museum.


Here we have one individual proudly displaying his COSSA (Central Ontario Secondary Schools Association) Basketball medals.


This person even brought their basketball, with the sport being invented by a Canadian, it is definitely museum worthy.


Here we have someone wearing a WWI era gas mask, that nicely fits into your bag for mobile use!