What’s Your Rhythm – Saturday, October 21


What’s Your Rhythm? Show us at the 10th Bring Your Thing of the year, featured at the Edith Rankin Memorial United Church (ERMUC) on Saturday, October 21st 2 – 4 PM. From instruments, to music records or dance moves, bring your thing and share objects which remind you music or dance. To celebrate Canada 150+ and Kingston heritage, we invite you to bring anything which carries a story.

We are excited to welcome Ojibway and Cree Elder Bernard Nelson, who will perform and share with us the importance of music and dance to First Nations. Along with the items brought by members of the community, the pop-up museum will feature artifacts from local museums and collections, including; Murney Tower NHS, the Museum of Health Care and the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.

Experience heritage through music inspired activities, enjoy some refreshments  and discover Kingston!

Elder Bernard Nelson


I, Bernard Nelson, am a Residential School Survivor of Pelican Lake Indian Residential School in Sioux Lookout, ON.
I come from a background of Cree and Ojibway, Cree coming from my mother’s side; originating in Eabmontoong (Fort Hope) First Nation and Ojibway on my father’s side; his people coming from White Sand First Nation. I was born in Ombabika in 1958, where my grandmother delivered me.
I live my life according to the Seven Grandfather Traditional Teachings, Love, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Bravery, Wisdom, and Truth and by practicing the Ceremonial ways of our ancestral people. This is called the “Red Road” and have done so for the past 37 years.
I work with the ALOY Program at the Royal Military College in Kingston, ON and have worked there for 8 years. I am a sweat lodge conductor, a Sundancer, Eagle Staff Carrier and a Men’s Traditional Dancer.
Being a First Nations person does not make me superior to my fellow brothers and sisters. When I began living this way I was a helper to my elders. Today I carry a pipe for the people and I humbly respect the responsibilities that come with it. I will continue to do Creators work and help the people wherever requested.
Mii Gwech,
Bernard Nelson
Elder Bernard Nelson in full traditional regalia